Love cooking? Have a degree in math? Usually, its either or. Teaspoon to Tablespoon conversion helps people all over the world who love cooking yet are missing the required degree in mathematics.



Ounce (wght)

US teaspoon
US tablespoon
US cup

UK teaspoon
UK tablespoon
UK cup

US ounce
UK ounce


Dry pint
Dry quart
Dry gallon

Liquid pint
Liquid quart
Liquid gallon

UK pint
UK quart
UK gallon

Can you always remember how many teaspoons are there in a tablespoon? Or how many teaspoons are in a fluid ounce? Or how to convert teaspoon to cup or how big is a cup in tablespoons? Or any other kind of teaspoon conversion? You dont have to! This online cooking calculator makes calculations for cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, as well as imperial and metric measures of volume and weight (teaspoon to grams or grams to tablespoons for example) in just one click!

Got this new cookbook? Are you aware that teaspoons and tablespoons are different in the US and UK? This free online converter will carry out necessary cooking conversion correctly, taking into account the differences between American and European measuring systems!

In addition, the free Teaspoon Tablespoon converter can carry out conversions between grams and ounces, kilos and pounds, cups and milliliters, and many other measuring units used by cooks from both sides of the pond. Simple and decimal fractions are supported, allowing to automatically convert between 4 3/4 and 4.75 or 1 2/3 and 1.66. With our free online cooking calculator conversions and measurements became easy as 1-2-3!